Friday, September 6, 2013

Wedding Inspiration

With summer ending and fall beginning wedding season is almost over. There were so many weddings this summer to attend and we saw a wide range of color schemes and themes. We thought it would be a great idea to make some inspiration boards of some of our favorite summer wedding colors and some great color options for those upcoming fall weddings. Let us know what color theme is your favorite! 

Bright and Sunny 

Fresh and Balanced 

Black and Gold Meets Hollywood

Pretty in Pink

Blissfully Blue 

The Color of Love

Fall in Love

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday Tips: Pearls

Taking care of your precious jewelry is very important to make it last for years and years. I wanted to start sharing with you helpful tips I have found on keeping your jewelry looking like new. With the official start of Summer tomorrow, I figured I would start with talking about how to take care of your pearls. 

Pearls have been seen as very rare, fine, admirable, and valuable throughout history because they can take 10-12 years to form naturally or about 2-7 years to form on a farm. Given the time it takes to for pearls to be created, once you have them you should take great care of them right? We think so! Take a look below and see helpful steps on how to take care of your pearls properly. 

Hope this is helpful to all those that love their pearls! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Receive 15% OFF Coupon

Are you planning on popping the question anytime soon? Its springtime and everything is coming alive again! Leaves are growing, grass is turning greener, and the sun is shining! This is the perfect weather to begin the next chapter in your life. Imagine being on a lake under the twinkling stars or having a bon fire and getting down on one knee with a glistening custom engagement ring that will take her breath away.

Here is an exciting opportunity to save on designing your own custom engagement ring. You pick it all, from the setting to the diamonds.  Just use the code provided. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring Jewelry

As the weather is slowly getting nicer, it is starting to finally feel like spring has finally sprung. This means I can finally put away my winter jackets, boots, and heavy clothes, right? Keeping my fingers crossed that it is time to bring out the spring wardrobe! But with the new season means new clothes, brighter colors, and finding jewelry to match. Looking through our great selection I found some of my new favorite jewelry pieces to debut this spring and wanted to share it with all of you. Here are some pieces I have liked over at 

Green Amethyst Prasiolite Pendant 10KT Yellow Gold

Genuine .17ct Multi Stone Diamond Ring Sterling Silver

.01ct Created Sapphire Diamond Ring 10KT White Gold

Genuine 1.01ct Diamond Pendant Sterling Silver

Blue Topaz White Topaz Dangle Earrings 14KT White Gold

These are just some of my favorites. Send me some of your favorite Spring inspired jewelry pieces and I'll feature them this month!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Hello there!!

Well as you can see this is our first blog post and we figured why not start by letting you all know a little about who we are and what we are all about!

We are an online jewelry retailer that was founded to bring a vast selection of diamonds and settings to you at the best price. We started because we are passionate about jewelry and the bridal industry, but felt there was a gaping hole in the industries. This hole being, why shouldn't people be able to show off their personality through customized engagement rings, anniversary rings, wedding bands, or just a customized every-day piece of jewelry at a reasonable price? Guy’s this includes you too. If your favorite color is blue, why shouldn't you be able to have a brilliant anodized blue wedding band to show off something that is you. I mean you’re going to be wearing it for the rest of your life! But that can be discussed later, for now let’s get back to letting you know more about us.

We are passionate about bringing jewelry to life and giving it the WOW factor to make everyone shine! We want to give you designs and ideas that will make you fall in love with not only maybe the person giving it to you, but make you fall in love with the jewelry piece itself. We want to be a part of every important milestone in your life and we pride ourselves on offering jewelry that thrills you today and inspires you for years to come!

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask! We encourage it!